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Hello, before you choose to join the electrical and electronic industry seriously, think about it you really ready to engage in this industry, if you are engaged in the electrical and electronic industry, please look at the following points is not your troubles :

1 more low-profit, increasing costs.

2 sales staff to go out to run the business do not always ideal or person in charge could not be found.

Customers multi-party inquiry Your offer is not competitive, signing rate is too low.

Your customers have come to competitors,5 unspoken rules of the industry too much, a dinner party, to accompany food to accompany drinks, under the above tender stuffed red envelopes.

Do good for several years whether to continue or change jobs.

Electrical and electronic industry competition is fierce, can be described as the pack and play, split confrontation, vertical and horizontal, industry status quo is the main difference in the following points:

1 brand concentration is not high, the big brands, big proportion in the whole market is not large.

The majority of market share eroded by a number of small and medium-sized companies, all electrical and electronic companies showed great geographical features, good brand sales in a city may listen to other cities did not even know people.

2 mixed picture of the quality of the sales force, lack of professionalism.

Previously worked in the electrical and electronic company good salespeople get a huge commission also learned that a high threshold of the electrical and electronic industry, larger profit margins, they are no longer satisfied to do the Sales Director, Sales Manager . Have resigned electrical and electronic companies or set up their own production or sales or both production and sales.

(3) electrical and electronic products homogenization of serious, serious plagiarism, no technical content.

Apart from a few large companies rarely have a huge investment in research and development of electrical and electronic companies. Touch each other imitation, plagiarism. The annual exhibition, a little attention, you will see a lot of hiding in the corner furtive products.

Vicious competition, the fight is the price.

Every customer tender to send a model, you will see many similar products. Two companies to send the template exactly the same is also not unusual. Homogenization result in electrical and electronic companies tend to cut prices to attract customers. The vicious competition corporate profits should not, the purchaser did not get the high quality after-sales service.

5 is a dealer of electronic appliances, put a lot but still dismally.

A certain period you have added to the electrical and electronic industries, and become a brand dealers, store decoration, rent, labor costs one less, but my business is generally not in general, before getting goods Lord, getting goods into God, grandmother hurt, do not love uncle's, all of them all after-sales service problems to your dealer, your service costs continue to increase. manufacturers in the rapid development of preemption channels construction, timely service dealers, but also when some common, one is a manufacturers of customers, two are important.

Electrical and electronic market only hold together to conquer the world and win-win cooperation

Electrical and electronic industry for the present is quite impressive, but the product design is not out of the traditional thinking, you can do the others do, the key is to see how you do na, the outlook is quite substantial. Too much competition, not have much technical content, if you solve the customer positioning, product positioning, corporate support, the market is still very promising, can not earn a lot of money to feed their families or, in short, is stronger than the wage point.

Joining often Silver Electronics Co., Ltd. 1 +1> 2 ≠ 3, resource sharing, profit sharing

Often silver Electronics will focus on electrical and electronic custom, industry experienced, mature operating system, there is a relatively stable customer resources can be allocated to join the business units, to achieve real resource sharing and profit-sharing.

Enabled the latest model of network marketing, how to make traditional electronic business in a short period of time to get the order from the network, a combination of traditional marketing and network marketing.

Unified brand and unified image, packaging, display, brand alliance to work together, to achieve a real sense of cooperation.

Strong production security, channel sharing of resources, and is committed to focus on enterprise electronic appliances customized.

(5) the operation of a professional team to help build their own operating system, from the pre-sale, sale, sale and full human, financial support.

Cooperation partners to join the

Joining or without industry experience is not important, it is important you have a heart wanted to do something.

Integrity and business reputation in the industry decide what you capable long, the attitude is more important than ability and technical.

Have some knowledge of the electrical and electronic industry, and to adhere to the honest, enthusiastic, patient and customer service.

If you have any electronic appliances sales experience or have been practicing, you will have more opportunities to join us.

Practice of a profession, a certain amount of operating funds is required, the number of funds, to determine your size.

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