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Joining process

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1, love the electrical and electronic industry, with a strong self-confidence and the desire to succeed.

2, with full civil capacity and can bear civil liability.

3, has a good sense of business and management skills, recognition full Friends of enterprise culture, and fully compliant with the unified management of the company.

4, there is a strong economic strength and ability to learn.

5, honest and trustworthy, a great deal of influence and good reputation in the local.

6, excellent shops and good local social relations.

1, through various channels to obtain investment information.

By fax / phone / email / or to the corporate site visits reached a cooperation agreement.

3, the company sent to the market site visits, research to discuss.

4, reached a cooperation agreement / agreement signed to join or Monopoly.

8, the successful opening.

9, to improve the follow-up procedures.

10 Long-term continuing operations guidance of maintenance.

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