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High-brightness LED lighting era

  Date:2013-04-06  Hits:231

High brightness LED application market is divided into mobile applications, lighting, automotive, identification / display, lights, and other categories. Global high-brightness LED market value of $ 5.1 billion in 2008, mobile applications accounted for 42% of the share, logo / display applications accounted for 17%, automotive applications, accounted for 15%, 10% lighting applications, signal applications accounted for 1%, and the remaining accounting for 16% of the share.

      Due to the global financial crisis, the 2009 high brightness LED terminal application market withdrawal progress, mobile phones, automotive lighting market recession, the mobile phone market in 2009 is expected to decline 10%. Smart phone, MP3 player, GPS and digital photo frames and other emerging applications increase, but can not fully compensate for the decline in the market of mobile phones and other.

       Although some of the mature markets of mobile phones and other recession, but the lighting and backlighting market showed a greater growth potential.

       LED lighting market is still highly fragmented, production of small, high cost, product quality, such as missing reference times, is also facing the challenges of the efficiency of LED products, the quality of life to be improved and need to win consumer recognition, but with the LED the development of technology, these conditions gradually improved. There are many new companies intend to enter the LED lighting market, many of the old lighting company to enter the LED plan, relevant standards in actively developing more and more advanced, LED lamps and light engine design, they become a positive factor for development of semiconductor lighting market . Many countries such as China, the United States, the introduction of different incentive schemes will also drive the development of LED lighting market.

       LED-backlit display strong the laptop backlight applications growth performance in the market. LCD display backlight applications, some mainstream display in 2009 began to use white LED. LED luminous efficiency is better, and CCFL cost gap is also reduced, LED backlight display applications there is a big development opportunities.

       Market and product development forecast

       2009 high brightness white LED market will probably decline by 3.7%, but as the economy recovers, many applications will return to growth. High-brightness LED market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 24% is expected that by 2013 the global high-brightness LED market will reach $ 14.9 billion in output value, lighting and backlighting will be the largest part of the growth.

       LED lighting is the most important application will continue to architectural lighting, accounting for 41% share. White LED in the LED lighting market share of approximately 58%, white light for general lighting applications began to increase. Replacement lamps, outdoor lighting, retail lighting, and commercial / industrial lighting LED lighting market, the proportion was only 28% in the lighting field in 2009, but rapid growth. In addition, the 2009 LED continues to expand its penetration in the niche (niche market, niche markets) and general lighting, an increase of 55% in 2008, estimated to grow by 15% due to the impact of the recession in 2009. Despite the slowdown, but the long term market outlook, with the economic recovery back on track.

       LED lamps decreased in 2009, but will return to growth, and from 2009 to 2011 will be to maintain a high growth rate. The same time, the government policies to encourage global phase-out of incandescent driven LED replacement lamps will also benefit from a lower level to start fast growth.

       LED backlight penetration rate of growth on a laptop is very fast, the penetration rate of 3.5% in 2007, reached 12% in 2008, is expected to exceed 50% in 2009. The laptop backlight growth mainly due to the use of LED backlighting netbooks and ultra-small portable computers and other small, lightweight high-end applications market growth, LCD TV backlighting applications, the LCD TV manufacturers have LED backlight project, Samsung, Sony, LG, Sharp, etc. are applied to the advent of LED-backlit LCD TV products, but influenced by consumer spending, LCD TV backlighting applications will be the most uncertain part of the short-term.

        In addition to lighting and backlighting market, some mature markets such as the mobile phone market in the next five years remain on a downward trend.

        Automotive lighting applications market, the range of applications of interior and exterior automotive LED lights in the expansion, in the end some cars are beginning to use LED lights, but by the impact of the decline in car production (2009 worldwide automobile production is expected to decline 20%, United States, Canada, Japan and the European car market will decline by 29%), is expected in the next few years will show a trend of slow growth.

        You can see the lighting and backlighting applications will become the main force of the high brightness LED market. Recently, the international giants have market power in LED lighting and backlighting, GE valued outdoor lighting market, and the establishment of the huge R & D center in LED system development; Samsung actively promote the development of LED-backlit TV, has introduced new products ... which we LED lighting and backlight display market prospects can feel, you can foresee the future market competition will become more intense.


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