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The rapid development of China's LED industry

  Date:2013-04-06  Hits:131

Diverse and beautiful urban space and landscape environment to provide people with a wealth of material and spiritual life, and the light is like a sculptor, shape the urban landscape at night with the lights language crystallization of the history, heritage and culture for people to viewing and use. With the accelerated urbanization process in China, the image of the city at night has also become an important measure for displaying the city's modern civilization, and local governments will accelerate the construction of urban landscape lighting to enhance the image of the city at night in the government work plan. At the same time, our landscape lighting standard specifications have been put forward, but also to promote the sustainable development of the landscape lighting industry in China.

      However, urban landscape lighting, sustainable development is not easy work, from planning, design, construction, management and other aspects of detail to proceed, people-oriented, the use of scientific, emphasis on art, energy saving and environmental protection. The objective needs, the development of the white LED landscape lighting sustainable development to provide technical support.

      LED from the early 1990s began the application, but limited to technical bottlenecks, until recent years with the development of technological breakthroughs type, change the pattern of the global lighting industry, the emerging light source, and by projection, LED irresistible force like in the global lighting market quickly spread.

      White LED lighting products with excellent color performance, change photochromic a strong ability to control, small size, easy to hide and its longevity, energy saving, stability and other characteristics, are widely used in landscape lighting market, quickly led lighting market quickly growth and help landscape lighting LED lighting applications market share of the largest branches of. A big disadvantage of the traditional landscape lighting is not very good expression of the building itself, can not render high-quality, artistic landscape lighting.

      LED rich colors, the theoretically only white LED light source will be able to completely cover all the saturated colors in the CIE chromaticity curve, LED and phosphorus organic combination can produce almost any color; LED low voltage DC power supply, dimming convenient, other light sources can not match advantage in the field of landscape lighting.

      According to statistics, China's LED lighting market in 2010, the output value reached 126 billion yuan. Expected 2011 global LED landscape lighting market market is expected to total 130 billion yuan, lighting costs accounted for accounted for 50%, about 65 billion yuan. 2011 global LED landscape lighting electricity consumption in accordance with the terms of 40 yuan / W 1.625 million degrees, according to the LED lamps save 50%, if you replace all LED lamps, the 2011 global saving 1.825 billion degrees.

      Is not China has entered the era of LED lighting? The advantages of LED lighting very much, but we also recognized, but I believe that now has entered the era of LED lighting is still too early to talk about, but the future direction of development is certainly to enter the era of LED lighting.

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